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Within the United Kingdom as well as in other areas around the globe, BB Guns UK are rapidly becoming the most well-liked toys. Nevertheless, these guns aren't just toy guns. These toys include lots of extra accessories. This is because they are even used during certain types of target practice by the army. This is why these bad boys are exciting to own.
There a great number of people who use BB guns within the United Kingdom (UK). Concerns about public safety of these replica weapons have lately increased, leading to the regulations to become formulated. If you're planning a visit and wish to use BB guns within the UK, it is essential for you to know the gun laws and regulations in the country or even if you are indeed from the UK and you want to use them. onlyBBguns FAQ's

BB Guns UK


Because BB guns within the United Kingdom often bear a resemblance to real weapons, their use in public areas has already been established in law. Additionally, everyone continues to be open about the inability to distinguish replica guns from the “real” ones. People who wish to use these cannot bring them in public places if they're packed with ammunition. The only means you are able to carry replica weapons in public places would be to place it in a fastened case.


BB Guns UK Law Age



Even though BB guns are toy guns, children with ages below 14 shouldn't be allowed to have these guns for playing. As BB Guns are regarded as low-powered air weapon, United Kingdom law enables the usage only to children above 14 years old under adult supervision. If children between the age bracket of 14 and 18 are utilising the gun, it ought to be on private land. If they are using such guns inside a public place, there must be supervision from a grownup aged 21 or over. Children at this age don't have the permission to purchase or keep BB Guns. An individual above 18 can buy the gun legally.

According to the United Kingdom laws for BB Guns UK, these guns ought to be vibrant in colour. Generally used colours of these guns are bright colours of orange, blue, red, green. This is so they are easily distinguished between Airsoft BB guns and the actual real gun.

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Ares Amoeba Honey Badger AEG (Lipo Battery and Charger Included)
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HFC M9 Gas Blowback Pistol with Metal Case and XL Barrel
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M85 G39 Special Forces
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AGM M44 Airsoft Gun
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ARES M4 CQC AR021 AEG with Inbuilt Silencer
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Cyma M700 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
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Ex VAT: £108.32
P815 Sub-Machine BB Gun
This P815 Airsoft BB gun is a Machine Pistol Style. This gun is both very cool and affordable. It..
Ex VAT: £12.49
ZM25 Spring BB Gun (Full Metal)
ZM25 Spring BB Gun (Full Metal) ..
Ex VAT: £11.65
ZM26 Spring BB Gun (Full Metal)
ZM26 Spring BB Gun (Full Metal) ..
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Cyma CM020 555 Electric BB Gun
Cyma CM020 is Light Weight Electric BB Gun, great fun with tons off add-ons included. Built and U..
Ex VAT: £37.49
S&T Bizon PP-19 AEG
S&T Bizon PP-19 AEG is the famed Love Child of Kalashnikov and Dragunov to make one of the mo..
Ex VAT: £183.32
P799 M3 Shotgun with Scope
The P799 is a full scale, high powered, pump action, heavy weight Airsoft BB Gun. This M3 Su..
Ex VAT: £15.82
G6 US Pistol Metal Handgun Limited Edition
G6 BB Gun, an US/British Favourite. 1:1 Scale made from Full Metal (Zinc Alloy Shell) with an eas..
Ex VAT: £24.99
JG 552 Marine Airsoft Rifle (Full Metal)
JG 552 Marine Airsoft Rifle Full Metal with metal internals and furnishings. Styled on the sw..
Ex VAT: £149.99
JS Tactical D90 (Inbuilt Scope and RIS Rail)
Specifications: -          1:1 Sale - &..
Ex VAT: £124.99
Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion (AEG)
Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion (AEG) is made by the Czechoslovaks. The sub Maching Gun was made for th..
Ex VAT: £179.15
Beretta PM12S Airsoft Spring Rifle by Umarex
The Umarex PM12S is the airsoft version of the original Beretta PM12S. This authentic replica has..
Ex VAT: £33.32
Umarex Beretta ARX 160 Sportsline AEG
The Umarex Beretta ARX 160 Sportsline AEG, comprised of a reinforced nylon fibre frame and hand g..
Ex VAT: £124.99
WinGun 2.5" Co2 Revolver (Full Metal)
Wingun 708B is a fantastic Co2 Powered Revolver and firing at 320 FPS (With 0.20g Big Foot BB’s..
Ex VAT: £91.66
Crosman TACZ11 Co2 Zombie Eliminator with Silencer (Undead Apocalypse Series)
Crosman TACZ11 Co2 Zombie Eliminator with Silencer (Undead Apocalypse Series) semi-auto pistol is..
Ex VAT: £49.99
Crosman Z11 Co2 Zombie Eliminator (Undead Apocalypse Series)
When the Apocalypse comes, make sure you’re carrying a reliable pistol.  This CO2 powered,..
Ex VAT: £41.65
Crosman Z311 Spring Pistol Zombie Eliminator (Undead Apocalypse Series)
Crosman Z311 Spring Pistol Zombie Eliminator (Undead Apocalypse Series) spring powered airsoft pi..
Ex VAT: £16.65
Crosman Stinger S32P Pump Action Spring Shotgun
The Stinger S32P offers fun, pump-and-shoot action with velocities as high as 350 fps. It feature..
Ex VAT: £20.82
P.698+ BB Gun
Cant't go wrong with this transforming inexpensive beginner spring pistol, trainer pistol. Plenty..
Ex VAT: £9.99