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Metal BB Guns

Metal BB Guns

Why Choose Metal BB gun?

BB guns come designed in differing materials which include plastic BB guns and metal BB guns. Most BB gun enthusiasts prefer to choose metal BB guns over the plastic BB guns. Our most popular Metal bb gun is Metal Gas Hand Gun "M190 Special Forces" Berretta HG-199Do you know why? Here is the reason why:
- Full Metal Barrel
- Gas Blow Back Hand Gun
- Hard ABS Carry Case
- Can do up to 300 FPS!

Durability of Metal BB gun

The metal BB gun is more powerful, long lasting and more trustworthy than plastic BB gun. It is available in CO2, spring or electric power modes to suit the requirements of the players. The Metal BB gun range usually has a sling or shoulder straps to ensure they are simpler to carry and let your BB firearms to be used together with small and light models. TheMetal BB gun needs less servicing than the usual plastic BB gun, but its essential that you polish it and then dry it off right after use to protect it if it rains.

Realistic Factor of Metal BB gun

One more key benefit offered by metal BB gun over plastic BB gun will be the sense of realism they give to the players. Since they are manufactured from metals, they give the hands a steely cold feel. This specific aspect is critical in military services training. Additionally, throughout combat games the metal BB gun is much better because its internal parts are made from steel and so are unlikely to be broken very easily. The sense authenticity provided by metal BB gun can make your combat game discipline far more thrilling. Unlike plastic-type material guns, you will really feel that you're holding an actual firearm when shooting the opponent. The metal BB gun poweful can be automatic or semi-automatic.

Choosing the right BB gun is essential for playing games or even military services exercises. Metal BB gun are usually better because they are stronger, offer you greater delivery rates of BB pellets and also have that realistic gun look.

Metal BB gun

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Galaxy G25 K-Warrior with Rail Full Metal (Spring Action)
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Galaxy G26 226 Full Metal (Spring Action)
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CCCP Metal BB Gun
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Cyma 121 Israely Auto. Electric Airsoft Pistol
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Cyma CM125 USP Electric Pistol
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Full Metal Pistol G10
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G11 Gas Blow Back Sub Machine Gun
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G6 US Pistol Metal Handgun Limited Edition
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K-Warrior 1911 Gas BlowBack Limited Edition
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KJWorks 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol (Full Metal)
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KJWorks G27 Metal Gas Blowback Pistol
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KJWorks G27 Metal Gas Blowback Pistol (Metal Slide)
KJWorks G27 Metal Gas Blowback Pistol (Metal Slide) Glock Meytal Gas Blow Back Pistol. Metal..
KJWorks KP-09 KZ75 Gas Blowback Pistol
KJWorks KP09 is a CZ series Pistol from East of Europe. Excellent pistol with full metal construc..
KWC Competition Model 75 Co2 Blowback Pistol
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Limited Edition G13 Handgun
This Limited Edition G13 Handgun  is the biggest metal bb hand gun on the market. It’..
Tokyo Marui Model 45 Gas Blow Back Pistol
Specifications: -          1:1 Scale - ..
JG 552 Marine Airsoft Rifle (Full Metal)
JG 552 Marine Airsoft Rifle Full Metal with metal internals and furnishings. Styled on the sw..
AY VSS Full Metal Russian AEG Rifle
AY VSS Full Metal Russian AEG Rifle and yes it’s pretty awesome. It’s a Soviet made Special S..
HFC M9 Gas Blowback Pistol with Metal Case and XL Barrel
The HFC is a HG-199 style pistol also known as the M190 Special Force. This gun is an extremely p..
KJWorks KP-08 Hi Capa Gas Blowback Pistol (Metal)
KJWorks KP-08 Hi Capa Gas Blowback Pistol (Metal) made from Nylon Fibre firing at 285 FPS (using ..