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UK Airsoft

UK Airsoft

UK Airsoft Activities Become More Popular Every Year

Airsoft guns in the UK are mainly used by individuals who take part in organised skirmish games all around the country. Airsoft games are a much better option than paintballing for most people, as it is more realistic and the ammunition is usually cheaper. Find the best airsoft guns for these activities.

UK Airsoft



UK Airsoft guns are designed to fire plastic BB pellets, which travel at great speeds and over reasonable distances. The 3 main types of guns are spring, gas, and electric.


If you take part in any UK Airsoft event, then it is advisable to take your safety very seriously. This means wearing eye protection at all times, while also taking care of the rest of your body, with items such as helmets, vests, a face mask and gloves.

UK Airsoft Activities



One of the main attractions of Airsoft activities in the UK is its relative cheapness compared to other similar activities. Once you have bought your gun, then the BB pellets are relatively inexpensive, as 3000 pellets can be purchased for around £8.

It is against the law to sell an Airsoft gun in the UK to anybody under the age of 18. However, this doesn't mean that minors can't get in on the action, as it is possible for them to use Airsoft guns under the supervision of an adult. In fact, engaging minors in Airsoft activities can be an excellent way to teach them about gun safety.

Target practice



If you want to improve your shooting accuracy, then it is essential that you get a lot of target practice with your Airsoft gun. The great thing about target practice is that you don't need any expensive equipment to get started, as an inexpensive spring powered Airsoft pistol will do just fine.


See what wiki has to say about the legal issues in airsoft here

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JS Tactical D90 (RIS Rail)
Specifications: -          1:1 Sale - &..
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Classic Army DA90 AEG Tactics
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Double Eagle M41 G39 Special Forces Style Tactical
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Classic Army G39 Sportsline AEG
A very solid replica by Classic Army with Side Folding Stock for long range, giving it easy trans..
Classic Army CA416 Sports Line
This amazing Airsoft gun in it's value pack offers you more than you would want from an Airsoft g..
Classic Army D90
A Belgian machine gun amazingly replicated by Classic Army is brillianct piece of work.  The..
MP7 Airsoft Submachine Gun
The MP7 is a Personal Defence Weapon (PDW), a fairly new gun to the world of airsoft made of high..
WE L85 Airsoft (O/Bolt CO2 Blow Back)
WE R012 L85 (Gas Blow Back). Nothing is needed to be said about this Proud British L85 in Gas Blo..
HFC Tactical Gas Non Blowback Pistol
HFC Tactical Gas Non Blowback Pistol is made from High Quality Metal and ABS (Green Gas Powered a..
Classic Army AUG AEG
An astonishing design by Steyr Mannlicher in the 70's, this gun has a very impressive amount of p..
Classic Army M15A4 Sportsline AEG Carbine Rifle
An amazing entry level airsoft gun, this Classic Army Armalite M15A4 RIS Carbine Sportline is a r..
A&K M870 Airsoft Metal Sawed-Off Shotgun
The A&K 870 Airsoft Metal Sawed Off Shotgun Wood is the newest shotgun release by Matrix. Man..
KWA KMP9R RIS Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun
With its amazing features and realism the KWA KMP9R NS2 FPS-440 Green Gas Blowback Airsoft SMG is..
KP-02 by KJ Works (Full metal) 226 Gas Blow Back Pistol
KP02 Pistol is a compact version of the proven 226, a master piece by KJ works, it comes in a ful..
Bison 301 PDW Spring Rifle
Bison 301 PDW Rifle is powerful excellent built spring action PDW BB Gun. It has great futures su..