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Grenade Launchers

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  1. S&T G39 Grenade Launcher
    SKU: 210621
  2. Ares G39 Series Grenade Launcher (GL-08)
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A lot of people new to Airsoft didn't even know that Airsoft grenade launchers exist. I can't blame them, because a lot of people consider Airsoft guns just “toys”. But let me tell you- these guns not only exist, but they're AMAZING. ICS-190 GLM Airsoft Grenade Launcher with Set of 6 Gas Grenades.

Extra Firepower Grenade Launcher



As you might expect, a good Airsoft grenade launcher gives a LOT of additional firepower. It allows a small squad to pack a serious punch within just seconds.

Think about a scenario like this- you're stalking through the woods, looking for the enemy. Suddenly you see a small group of 4-5 of them. They made the mistake of walking too close together, and now you're going to make them pay.

So you pull out your trusty grenade launcher, take aim, and fire. Before they know what hit them, 4 of them are dead and the last one is running for the hills!

This brings me to another great thing about these guns.

New Tactical Options with your Airsoft Grenade Launcher



When you add an Airsoft grenade launcher to the mix, you're giving yourself new ways to defeat the bad guys.

If some of your enemies are hiding around corners or tree trunks, you can launch a grenade to explode right next to the tree.


Let's say that you're in a big Airsoft battle, but your team is losing. Everyone knows it.

But you've got a secret weapon that they weren't aware of- your grenade launcher. The enemy thinks that you're outgunned and about to lose the battle, so they just charge in.

Even if they still have the upper hand, at least your team gets a breather to plan your next strategy.

My favorite one is the ICS-190 GLM. Most people purchase it with a set of 6 grenades, but if you already have the proper grenades then you can simply purchase the gun all by itself.