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Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft sniper rifles were developed to mimic real weaponry. They are often utilised for training in the army and also law enforcement, as well as props to films and plays. Sniper Rifles are for taking out the enemy from a large distance away undercover.


"Warrior" Sniper Rifle (With Scope and Bipod)

Airsoft sniper rifles 2 tone are one of those wonderful kinds of airsoft firearms. Inspired through the look of the genuine sniper rifles it can shoot out the BBs at a speed level of 500 feet per second which provides these sniper rifles an excellent accuracy. These are sometimes known as airsoft sniper rifles 500+ fps or airsoft sniper rifles 500 fps models. Most of the airsoft sniper rifles are powered by spring nevertheless; there are also AEG airsoft sniper rifles. A lot of airsoft rifle enthusiasts like the single power shot of a bolt handle action of the sniper rifle. On the other hand, to those who are fans of electric powered airsoft sniper rifles, an AEG airsoft sniper rifles will best suit their requirements.

Airsoft sniper rifles scopes



Nearly all Airsoft sniper rifles include the 30+ magazine for very long term plinking or other designs feature replica shells that are filled in the rifle. Every shell includes a one 6mm bb and that means you obtain the real act of loads the particular shells and then ejecting all of them as every magazine is load up.

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If you are just newbie when it comes to Airsoft sniper rifles it's preferable to buy an affordable Airsoft sniper rifles to start. A low priced model will allow you to practice your weapon abilities and soon you get use to this hobby and eventually want to continue with. This kind of game may be excellently fun, re-enacting army scenarios as well as creating battle tactics is part of the game satisfaction.

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Kjworks M700 Sniper Rifle (KJW-M700)
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Snow Wolf VSR10 Sniper Rifle (OD - SW-10G)
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Tokyo Marui VSR-10G Pro Sniper Rifle (G-Spec)
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Cyma CM701A Sniper Rifle (M700 - CM701B)
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Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action - AS01-BK)
The Striker S1 is the latest release from Ares and is a single shot bolt action sniper rifle. The..
Classic Army SR40 VSR Airsoft BB Gun Sniper Rifle
That’s right CA bring their airsoft experience back to bear on the bolt action sniper rifle pla..
Cyma M700 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
The M700 Series are a hunting rifle series developed since 1962, based on the same centerfire bol..
A&K 1892 Winchester Under Lever Action Gas Rifle
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JG G39 Airsoft Electric Sniper Rifle with Bipod & Scope
JG G39 Electric Sniper Rifle with built in Scope and  Bipod Made from Re-Enforced ABS and Me..
JG AUG-5 Sniper Rifle with Metal Bipod and Hunter Scope
If you’re tired of seeing the same style of sniper rifles over and over again, then this is the..
JG G39 Airsoft Electric Sniper Rifle with Bipod
JG G39 Electric Sniper Rifle with Bipod Made from Re-Enforced ABS and Metal, it’s a 1:1 Scale E..

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