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Desert Eagle Airsoft

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Have you ever wondered exactly what kind of gun was being used in a film? While there are a lot of options, the most commonly used is what the Desert Eagle is based on. The Desert Eagle Airsoft is a perfect replica and gives it’s user a powerful kick with a blow back feel. It is the perfect weapon for those in the game that like to only shoot when it matters.




  • Shoots 0.2 g BBs
  • Magazine capacity ranges from 20 BBs to 30 BBs
  • Velocity ranges from 175 fps to 380 fps
  • Can shoot between 50 to 90 meters, depending on model
  • Offers real feel blow back
  • Gas, electric or spring powered
  • Semi or Full automatic mode, depending on model
  • Ranges in price from £13 to £200, depending on model and accessories included


While it may be used in the movies frequently, the Desert Eagle Airsoft is not to mistaken as a prop or a toy. This powerful piece is very intimidating with the capacity to fire up to 380 fps and hit a target up to 90 meters. Any target you are shooting at is either going to give up or run faster than they ever have before.


The Desert Eagle Airsoft gun is for people who like to be direct. With a smaller magazine capacity, every shot counts. This gun is great for up close battles and sneak attacks. With the options of Co2 gas, electric, spring powered or a combination of any of those, this Airsoft gun gives you the feeling that you’ve stepped into that movie. Your opponents won’t know what HIT them!


You can stop the villain and save the day! Get your Desert Eagle Airsoft gun today!