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M4 Airsoft

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M4 AEG Airsoft Gun Blows Away the Competition


The M4 Airsoft gun is the perfect entry-level weapon for beginner players. This weapon is lightweight, accurate, reliable, and performs well in both close quarters and long-range scenarios. On the field of battle, this Airsoft gun delivers realistic response, recoil, and reloading effects. It has a reputation for maintaining its firepower during a long day of milsim play. You will see in example after example that Airsoft aficionados love the M4 and consider it an essential part of their gaming arsenal.


The M4 Carbine is one of the most-used rifles in the world today, along with the AK-47. It is a shorter and lighter redesign of the famous M16, also known as the AR-15 Assault Rifle, which was used by American combat troops in Viet Nam. Because of the reliability and flexibility of the M4 in a variety of field conditions over the years, versions of this weapon have remained the favorite of the US Army until today. As a result of a product improvement program, the next-gen M4A1 is rapidly gaining in popularity.


As a result of the real-world popularity of the M4 in military operations, the M4 Airsoft gun has been made available to gamers in a range of sizes and price points, starting at £44.99 for the M83 M4 Carbine and running all the way to £379.98 for the Kings Arm CQB-R Advance Airsoft Rifle. For the best combination of accuracy and affordability in a lightweight weapon that competes well in both close quarters battles and long-distance firing, try the Classic Army M15A4 Sportsline AEG Carbine Rifle at £149.99.


M83 M4 Carbine (Call of Duty model) £44.99


The M4 Carbine is a popular weapon, and is recognized for its prominent use in Call of Duty 4. This gun has full and semi-automatic options and fires at 245 FPS. The large magazine holds up to 40 6mm BBs and features a safety lock, extension barrel, large silencer, and red cross electric sight. The M4 Carbine is crafted from very strong ABS to give it durability and a realistic heft. A battery charger and eye protection are included. This model is great for the novice and can be modified to suit the player’s personal style.


Classic Army M4 Full Metal URX Keymod 3.8 CA079M (Flash Magazine) £229.99


The M4 URX is a full metal model by Classic Army that weighs in at 6.4 lbs. and fires an astonishing 420 FPS without modification. This weapon is great for skirmishing with a range of 60m. The full metal magazine has a 300-round capacity. It is rear-wired with rechargeable batteries and comes with a battery charger.


Kings Arm CQB-R Advance Airsoft Rifle £379.98


The Kings Arm CQB-R Advance Airsoft Rifle is a high-powered, full-scale BB gun with a realistic heft at 6.2 lbs. Crafted with full metal-construction, the Kings Arm M4 has semi and fully automatic firing options and shoots at 350 FPS. The KA V2 metal gearbox is rear wired, the sights are adjustable, and the stock is retractable. This model includes a vertical tactical grip, 300-round high capacity magazine, and 4 x RIS rails. This is a great gun for skirmishing.


Classic Army M15A4 Sportsline AEG Carbine Rifle £149.99


This classic weapon has a standard M4 design and consists of a high-quality polymer receiver with a metal barrel and gearbox. Many players prefer the combination of plastic and metal which makes it lighter and much easier to carry than full metal models, especially after a full day of gameplay. The metal gearbox also lasts longer than plastic versions.


The handguard conceals the ample compartment for 8.4V batteries and the multi-position stock changes easily between full and semi-automatic play modes. This model has a muzzle velocity of 350 FPS, which is perfect for close quarter battles, and weighs a realistic and solid but manageable 6.5 lbs.


The classic M4 Airsoft gun holds up under repeated use and also has the advantage of performing well without modifications, making it a great choice for beginners. For advanced players who like the reliability and accuracy of the M4, but want to take it to the next level, this Airsoft gun is versatile and takes modifications well. The simple construction and well-made parts adapt to reconfiguration and innovative additions that contribute to your personalized style of gameplay.


Some of the more popular modifications and accessories include the Red Dot Sight, Vertical Grip, and the Standard Rail Cover. Also available are scopes, flashlights, grenade launchers, adjustable stocks, and hand guards. With the wide variety of models and features available, however, many gamers find that the M4 Airsoft gun can be used to great effect straight out of the box.


With its impressive performance and affordable price range, we promise the Airsoft M4 replica rifle will be your new favorite Airsoft gun. With the best selection of M4 Airsoft guns in the UK, we can provide a model that is right for you.