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M16 BB Gun

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M16 BB gun History

The M16 BB gun has become the key infantry gun of the United States armed forces since 1960. The M16 BB gun is often a light, gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed gun, having a revolving bolt, activated by direct strike of gas function. It is made of steel, composite plastics as well as aluminum. Due to the fact that M16 BB gun is one of the most favored true to life gun, the M16 BB gun along with m4 BB gun are one of the most well known guns. Find our best selling model here WE R003 M16A3 Airsoft (O/Bolt Gas Blow Back)

What is M16 BB gun?

The M16 assault gun for sale uk is probably one of the most hottest guns in the globe, next to the AK-47, and is also legendary in the world of firearms. The a2 M16 BB gun makes a good impression when it comes to the quality along with the assurance that collectors are searching for in acquiring these kinds of high quality products.


The M16 BB gun is considered a military label for the standard guns manufactured by a particular company. The M16 BB gun is being taken from this specific family of businesses and further produced by a business named Colt.. The M16 BB gun strike BB pellets with a measurement of 5.56 mm out of its barrel.

M16 BB gun with grenade launcher



The M16 BB gun with grenae launcher brings the feeling of a “real soldier” to the users, the kick as well as the power of genuine M16 in a safer form together with pellets or other undamaging ammunition inside the chamber. The M16 BB gun with grenade launcher is really light, air-cooled, gas-powered, magazine-fed, metallic composite firearm.

For you to choose the best M16 BB gun for sale uk, you need to take account of many considerations.

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