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Electric Airsoft Gun

Is the Electric Airsoft Gun Suitable for your Needs?

If you are considering buying a new Airsoft gun, then you may be wondering what type is suitable for your needs. One option is the electric Airsoft gun, and over recent years it has become a popular choice amongst Airsoft enthusiasts around the country. Find our selection of electric airsoft rifles here

Electric Airsoft Gun



The electric Airsoft gun was first produced in Japan to great success, and it wasn't long before manufacturers in other countries followed suit and started making their own versions.

One of the reasons why these electric guns became so popular, is because they filled a need in the marketplace. They are cheaper than gas Airsoft guns, while being a little more expensive than the spring powered Airsoft guns..

One thing to keep firmly in mind before purchasing an electric Airsoft gun is that they are powered by a battery, which means you will always have to recharge the gun before you use it. If you don't fully charge the gun, then it could lose power in the middle of a battle leaving you unable to fire a shot!

Electric Airsoft pistols



At the lower end of the market you will find a wide range of electric Airsoft pistols. These weapons are much different to the pistols that are powered by a spring, as you have the ability to fire off multiple rounds without having to stop. This makes these pistols a popular choice amongst Airsoft enthusiasts who want to take things to the next level.


Choosing an electric Airsoft gun



If you are still unsure about whether or not an electric Airsoft gun is right for you, then it may come in handy to get a few different opinions to help you in your decision. Just give us a call if this describes you.

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A&K M4 AEG (Diamond Head - DMR-DH-M4-BK)
This assault rifle by A&K is ideal for the serious skirmisher as its multiple weaver rails al..
A&K MOD1 Airsoft Electric Gun
A&K MOD1 Airsoft Electric Gun   Features: -     &nb..
A&K MOE M4 AEG (Long - MOE-M4-BK)
This AEG assault rifle by A&K is one of the most versatile airsoft rifles capable of tackling..
Classic Army AUG-1 AEG Rifle (Military - CA008P)
Classic Army AUG-1 AEG Rifle (Military - CA008P). Its compact design and inbuilt scope makes this..
Cyma CM035 AK Assault Rifle AEG (CYMA-CM035)
The replica is made of metal and ABS elements. Name: CM035 Manufacturer Cyma ..
Cyma M4 URX AEG (Sports Line - CM516)
Cyma CM516 is the perfect sportsline to Start your Skirmish life with or if you want something li..
HFC HG-195 Israeli Gas Blowback Pistol [Deadpool Edition]
HFC HG-195 Israeli Gas Blowback Pistol [Deadpool Edition] This a exact one on one scale green..
PTS by Magpul PDR C AEG
PTS Syndicate - Magpul PDR-C Personal Defence Rifle AEG - is the perfect CQB electronic Airsoft r..
CSI S.T.A.R. XR-5 FG-1502 Advanced Battle Rifle (AEG - Blue)
Features: Injection molded polymer body Integrated top rail provides a stable and r..
Cyma M4 AEG (Inbuilt Silencer - CM513)
The CM513 is the latest release from CYMA in their AEG range of M4’s. This M4 comes complete wi..
The Cyma CM501 is a new replica in a series of low-budget rifles from one of the most popula..
LCT SR-3M Vikhr AEG (Folding Stock)
The SR-3 Vikhr (СР-3 Вихрь, Russian for "whirlwind") is a Russian..
Ares Amoeba Octa Arms Honey Badger (AM-016-BK)
Ares are known for making affordable AEG that performs very well straight out of the box. They st..
AY AR-57 AEG with M231 (Skeleton) Stock (A0003)
AY AR-57 AEG with M231 (Skeleton) Stock (A0003) - One Piece CNC Made Upper Receiver & Rai..
Classic Army M15A1 (Vietnam) X Series (AR017M-X)
The M15A1 (Vietnam) X Series is classic army’s take on a real blast from the part. This iconic ..
Cyma CM127 AEP
CYMA’s latest release is their range of pistols is the CM127 AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol). T..
Cyma CM518 SAI Rifle Electric Rifle
CYMA have just released the CM518 SAI AEG. This rife is of full plastic construction to ensure th..
Cyma M4 CQB (Metal Body - CM002)
The CYMA CM.002 is a full metal M4 AEG with both semi and fully automatic fire selection modes. T..
Cyma PDW Sub Machine Gun AEG (CM041PDW)
The CYMA CM041 is a compact personal defence weapon with a light weigh collapsible stock to make ..
Cyma CM005 M4 RAS (Metal Body) (CYMA-CM005)
Cyma CM005 M4 RAS (Metal Body) (CYMA-CM005) comes with a battery and charger. ..
Ares Amoeba Pro (Octarms) M4 AEG 15 with EFCS Unit (Full Metal - Black - M4-KM15-BK)
Ares Amoeba Pro (Octarms) M4 AEG 15" with EFCS Unit (Full Metal - Black - M4-KM15-BK) ..
Classic Army MK16 MOD Sports Line (Tan with Mosfet) (CA-003 - SP029P-T)
Classic Army have stepped up to the mark with their take on the SCAR. This sports line model uses..
ARES AM-013-BK Amoeba Honey Badger (Black)
ARES AM-013-BK Amoeba Honey Badger (Black) employs a new fore grip design to adapt modern ri..
Amoeba M4 AEG Tactical (Tan) (ARES-AM-008-DE)
Amoeba M4 AEG Tactical (Tan) (ARES-AM-008-DE) Please note this gun comes without a charger an..

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