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BB Pellets

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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.12g (1000 Bottle - Yellow)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.20g (2500 Bottle - White)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.30g (2500 Bottle - White)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.20g (5000 Bottle - White)
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    Spitfire BB Pellets 0.25g (2500 Bottle - White)
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  6. Abbey Blu Gel (75gm - Pot)
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  7. Abbey Stock Finish (25ml - Bottle)
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  8. Abbey Universal Sportsmans Cloth
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  9. Abbey Anti Fog Spray (150ml - Pump Spray)
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  10. Abbey Anti Fog Cloth
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  11. Abbey Supply Lens Cloths (Pack of 10)
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  12. Abbey Gun Lube SM50 (30ml - Dropper)
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Tips on Choosing the Correct Style of BB Pellets

Selecting the most appropriate BB Pellets is a vital part of the BB gun experience. As there are a variety of guns, there are various kinds of BB pellets. They come in various sizes, designs and also weight. It will be possible to stand out in combat games only if you have high quality BB pellets.

Apart from that reason, your BB gun last longer if you use good quality pellets. Here are some ideas which assist you to choose the correct pellets for your BB guns. 

BB Pellets Materials

Most of Airsoft BBs are made from plastic-type material. There are a few other types also but the most widely known are the Biodegradable BB pellets. A number of the Biodegradable Airsoft BeBe pellets contain a natural fertiliser core for vegetation.

While these seem excellent in lessening BB pellets to accumulate, remember they do possess a shelf life. Another kind of material used is Aluminum. They generally weight .28g-.36g . These are extremely expensive but they are ideal for long lasting shooting.

BB Pellets Weight

Lighter in weight BB pellets give faster velocity. On the other hand, light pellets often suffer from factors such as wind and thus your accuracy is undermined.. Heavier pellets usually do not offer the same velocity as light pellets but are best when it comes to accuracy. Heavy pellets are generally used in highly effective BB Guns. It may furthermore result in more injury when compared to lighter BB pellets.

BB Pellets Colour

The most used BB pellet color is actually the white one yet the choice is up to the player. More often players would like to see exactly where the pellets are reaching, therefore the lighter the color the better. If players are doing a sniper type game, then they definitely might opt for more dark colored or perhaps black BB pellets. They'll assist cover your location while shooting an opponent.

By buying good quality BB pellets from your most respected retailer, you can guarantee the good functioning of your BB guns. BB pellets.


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1.     What is a BB gun used for?  BB guns are mostly used for practice shooting and training. The stronger ones (i.e. Air Rifles) can also control pests or hunt small animals.

2.     Do you need a Licence in the UK for a BB gun? No, you don't need a licence for a BB gun in the UK, but there are rules. The BB Gun needs to be in two colours; one has to be a primary. All our guns are on the website as per default.

3.     Is a BB gun a good weapon?   BB guns, despite sometimes being seen as toys, can be dangerous. They fire pellets at high speeds and can cause serious harm, or even be deadly in some situations.

4.     Can you shoot BB guns in public in the UK without a Firearm license? BB guns in the UK navigate a legal grey area. While certain models, notably low-power 'soft air' types, typically evade classification as section 1 firearms, more potent versions may require a valid firearms certificate to avoid legal repercussions.

5.     Can you shoot a BB gun in your garden? You can use a BB gun in your garden under UK law, but you have to ensure the pellets don't go into your neighbour's yard, plot or land. If they do and you don't have permission, it's against the law.

6.     Which UK law am I breaking if the pellets go into my neighbour's law without permission?  If your BB gun pellets go into your neighbour's yard without permission, you're breaking UK laws. Specifically, the 1968 Firearms Act and possibly the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act, because you may be causing your neighbours trouble or worry.