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  1. WE Patch
    SKU: 612912
  2. TMC UMP Patch
    SKU: 612438
  3. TMC MP5 SD Patch
    SKU: 612437
  4. TMC M249 Patch
    SKU: 612449
  5. TMC AI AE Patch
    SKU: 612447
  6. TMC 1911 Patch
    SKU: 612435
  7. Sharp Bros Jack AR15 Patch
    SKU: 613050
  8. SAI Red 1911 Patch
    SKU: 613040
  9. SAI M&P Tier One Patch
    SKU: 613046
  10. SAI GRY Carbine Patch
    SKU: 613047
  11. SAI 870 Tactical Patch
    SKU: 613048
  12. M1919 Machine Gun Patch
    SKU: 613052
  13. Falkor Blitz SBR AR15 Patch
    SKU: 613054
  14. PTS 4" CM4 Patch
    SKU: 613125
  15. PTS 4.5" MKM Patch
    SKU: 613124
  16. PTS 3" EPM PVC Patch
    SKU: 613129
  17. Airtech Studio Patch (Red/Black)
    SKU: 613285
  18. SAI 2011 DS 4.3 Patch
    SKU: 613043
  19. SAI Panda Patch
    SKU: 613053
  20. SAI PDW Compact Patch
    SKU: 613049
  21. TMC A9 Patch
    SKU: 612440
  22. TMC MK12 Patch
    SKU: 612441
  23. Sharp Bros Hellbreaker AR15 Patch
    SKU: 613051
  24. Ragnar Raids BALDER MK1 Woodland Patch
    SKU: 615218
  25. Ragnar Raids BALDER MK2 Coyote Patch
    SKU: 615220
  26. Ragnar Raids BALDER MK2 Woodland Patch
    SKU: 615221
  27. Ragnar Raids BALDER MK3 Black Patch
    SKU: 615222
  28. Ragnar Raids BALDER MK3 Woodland Patch
    SKU: 615224
  29. CCCP Patch - 3d Emergency AK
    SKU: 614533
Set Descending Direction

33 Items

per page


1.     What is a BB gun used for?  BB guns are mostly used for practice shooting and training. The stronger ones (i.e. Air Rifles) can also control pests or hunt small animals.

2.     Do you need a Licence in the UK for a BB gun? No, you don't need a licence for a BB gun in the UK, but there are rules. The BB Gun needs to be in two colours; one has to be a primary. All our guns are on the website as per default.

3.     Is a BB gun a good weapon?   BB guns, despite sometimes being seen as toys, can be dangerous. They fire pellets at high speeds and can cause serious harm, or even be deadly in some situations.

4.     Can you shoot BB guns in public in the UK without a Firearm license? BB guns in the UK navigate a legal grey area. While certain models, notably low-power 'soft air' types, typically evade classification as section 1 firearms, more potent versions may require a valid firearms certificate to avoid legal repercussions.

5.     Can you shoot a BB gun in your garden? You can use a BB gun in your garden under UK law, but you have to ensure the pellets don't go into your neighbour's yard, plot or land. If they do and you don't have permission, it's against the law.

6.     Which UK law am I breaking if the pellets go into my neighbour's law without permission?  If your BB gun pellets go into your neighbour's yard without permission, you're breaking UK laws. Specifically, the 1968 Firearms Act and possibly the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act, because you may be causing your neighbours trouble or worry.

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