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At OnlyBBGuns we have many Cheap BB Guns. Check out our bundle deals section or our recession beating section all bb guns that are on sale are clearly marked and are the best way to find cheap bb guns. BB Guns can be very exciting and lots of fun but do take care they can also be dangerous. We strongly urge you to read up on all safety advice before buying and using your cheap bb gun for the first time.  Also you will find at our store lots of cheap accessories such as pellets, targets, masks and safety goggles.


For your convenience here is a handy list of important Cheap BB Gun safety tips:


·         Even if you think your cheap bb gun is not loaded treat it as if loaded at all times. It’s possible that you can make a mistake after all anyone can.

·         Never risk pointing your cheap bebe gun at anyone.

·         Make sure that your metal bb gun is legal in your country in some places metal BB Guns are not legal.

·         When using your electric BB gun make sure the area around the target is clear because pellets can bounce off the target.

·         Wear a protective face mask anytime you fire your BB Gun.

·         Never ever carry your BB Gun in a public place. Even if it is coloured like a cheap bb gun.



Cheap BB Guns For Sale


If you want some guidance in what to look for in your cheap BB gun apart from price! You can look out for the velocity of the firing, the range it fires and the capacity of the ammo which will affect how long before you have to reload. One main consideration in purchasing you Cheap BB Guns is whether you want spring powered (cheapest BB guns) CO2 powered (not so cheap BB guns) or electrically powered called cheap electric BB guns (varying price).


Cheap BB Guns is certainly a cheaper sport than paintballing and this has added to its popularity props in outdoor game play. Air soft BB guns UK use 6mm plastic BB’s, which are also available in a biodegradable form, that are harmless if used safely. Most of all be safe and enjoy your Cheap BB Gun.