At OnlyBBGuns, we're proud of our strong airsoft and BB gun market presence. Our journey has been about providing a comprehensive range of airsoft guns, accessories, and tactical gear, catering to a diverse clientele, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Our top 5 products have been carefully selected based on their popularity, innovative features, and the positive feedback we've received from our customers. These selections reflect our commitment to quality and the evolving preferences of our community.

Let's wrap up this year with our top 5 picks. 

Our 5 Top-Selling BB Guns

Here's our roundup of the top-selling BB Guns of 2023: 

Vigor 5.1 Ported Spring Pistol Full Metal Blue V17

The Vigor 5.1 Ported Spring Pistol Full Metal Blue V17 stands out in the airsoft world for its precision engineering and design and great value at just £15.99. This spring-powered pistol, celebrated for its artistry in gunsmithing, offers an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Vigor 5.1 Ported Spring Pistol (Full Metal - Blue - V17)



Product Overview

  • Key Features: It boasts a full metal construction, ensuring durability and a realistic feel. The ported slide design adds aesthetic appeal and contributes to a smoother recoil action.
  • Build Quality: The robust metal body closely mimics the heft of a real firearm, enhancing the user experience.

User Experience

  • Handling: Ergonomically designed for ease of use, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Performance: Ideal for target practice and airsoft skirmishes, offering precision and consistent performance.

Customer Feedback

  • Positives: Users praise its realistic feel and performance.
  • Drawbacks: Specific limitations should have been highlighted in the available information.

Comparison with Previous Models

  • Upgrades: Notable for its improved ported slide design.
  • Market Reception: While specific comparisons aren't provided, the current model appears well-received based on its features and user reviews.


M85 G39 Special Forces

The Double Eagle M85, modeled after the G39 and used by special forces worldwide, is a high-performance electric BB assault rifle for just £59.99. It is semi and full-automatic firing capabilities cater to various shooting scenarios.

Double Eagle M85 (Blue)


Product Overview

  • Unique Features: It boasts a transparent magazine with replica ammo, a folding stock for easy storage, a mock silencer, and an electronic gun sight for enhanced accuracy, operating at 245 FPS.
  • Durability: Its construction is robust, similar to the Double Eagle M83A1 M4 Carbine AEG and M85, ensuring long-lasting performance.

User Experience

  • Comfort and Ease: The ergonomic design and folding stock enhance comfort and adaptability.
  • Performance: The gun excels in various conditions, thanks to its versatile firing modes and electronic sight.

Customer Feedback

  • Praises: Users often commend its versatility and realistic design.
  • Improvements: Specific criticisms needed to be more detailed in the available information.

Market Position

  • Comparison: It compares favorably with other electric BB guns, especially its unique features.
  • Niche: The M85 is ideal for users seeking a versatile, realistic, high-performing electric BB gun for training and recreation.


CCCP 17 Series Spring Pistol Full Metal Blue V20 Blue

The Vigor 17 Series Spring Pistol Full Metal Blue V20, a classic cop-style gun, offers a realistic shooting experience for just £15.99. This model is particularly suited for airsoft enthusiasts who value authenticity and performance.

Vigor 17 Series Spring Pistol (Full Metal - Blue - V20-BLUE)


Technical Specifications

  • The pistol operates in the 170 – 250 FPS range, suitable for various airsoft activities.
  • It includes a metal body frame, enhancing its realistic feel and durability.

Aesthetic and Design Elements

  • The metal slide design adds to its realism, providing a cold top section and a weighty feel in hand, reminiscent of actual firearms.

User Experience

Accuracy and Reliability

  • This model is designed for precision, offering good accuracy in shooting scenarios.

Maintenance and Durability

  • Regular cleaning and proper storage are recommended for maintaining its performance.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

  • User Satisfaction: Users often express satisfaction with its realistic feel and performance.
  • Common Issues: Common issues need to be detailed in the provided information.

Unique Selling Points

  • Distinctive Features: Its classic cop-style design and metal body set it apart from competitors.
  • Target Audience and Usability: Ideal for airsoft players seeking a realistic, durable pistol for activities like plinking or mini skirmishes, especially in backyard settings.


Galaxy G9 Spring Metal Pistol Bundle Deal

The Galaxy G9 Spring Metal Pistol Bundle Deal, priced at just £34.99, offers an excellent value package for airsoft enthusiasts. This comprehensive bundle includes essential accessories alongside the Galaxy G15 17 Series Full Metal Spring Pistol, making it an ideal starter pack.

Starter Pack - Galaxy 17 Series Spring Pistol (G15 - Blue - 1:1 Scale)


Product Overview

  • Bundle Components: It features a Well Paper Target with BB Net Catcher, Crosman Universal Tactical Belt Pistol Holster, Crosman Airsoft Flexible Goggles, Spitfire BB Pellets, and the Galaxy G15 pistol.
  • Galaxy G9 Pistol Features: The G15 pistol, a full-size replica, combines metal and durable resin plastic, offering an ergonomic design and a realistic feel with its 675g weight.

User Experience

  • Bundle Benefits: This deal is perfect for beginners, providing a cost-effective, comprehensive airsoft setup.
  • G9 Performance: The G15 pistol ensures reliability with its spring air repeater firing action and accurate sighting.

Customer Feedback

  • Bundle Reception: Generally well-received for its great value and completeness.
  • Component Feedback: Specific feedback on individual items needs to be more detailed.

Market Analysis

  • Bundle Comparison: Stands out in the market for affordability and inclusivity.
  • Consumer Appeal: Attracts many consumers, especially newcomers seeking a complete, budget-friendly airsoft kit.


CYMA Swat Series Spring Rifle with Sight Grip Torch HY0157 Blue

The CYMA Swat Series Spring Rifle HY0157 Blue, priced at just £24.99, is a spring-powered rifle designed for airsoft gameplay. It stands out with its distinctive blue color scheme and a range of features that enhance its functionality and user experience.

Cyma Swat Series Spring Rifle (With Sight/Grip/Torch - HY0157 - Blue)


Features and Technical Aspects

  • The rifle is spring-powered, requiring manual cocking between shots.
  • It includes a sight for precise aiming, a comfortable grip, and a torch for low-light situations.
  • The construction is durable, with an adjustable hop-up system for improved accuracy and range.
  • It also features a removable flash hider and is easy to use, making it suitable for beginners and experienced players.

Design and Material Quality

  • The rifle's design is practical and user-friendly, focusing on durability. It is made from sturdy materials, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of airsoft gameplay.

User Experience

  • Handling and Operational Efficiency: The rifle's design ensures comfortable handling and operational efficiency, suitable for various airsoft scenarios.
  • Adaptability in Different Shooting Environments: Its features, like the adjustable hop-up and torch, make it adaptable to different shooting environments, from close quarters to outdoor fields.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

  • User Experiences and Satisfaction Levels: Users generally find the rifle to be of good value, appreciating its features and performance.
  • Reported Issues or Shortcomings: The provided information needs to detail Specific issues or shortcomings.

Market Impact

  • Position Among Similar Rifles: The CYMA Swat Series Rifle is competitive in its category, offering a balance of features and affordability.
  • Appeal to Specific User Groups: It appeals to a broad range of airsoft players, especially those looking for a reliable, feature-rich rifle at an affordable price point.


Comparative Analysis

The top 5 products from OnlyBBGuns, including the Vigor 5.1 Pistol, M85 G39 Rifle, CCCP 17 Series Pistol, Galaxy G9 Bundle, and CYMA Swat Series Rifle, showcase a diverse range of features from precision shooting to adaptability in various scenarios.

Current trends show a preference for realism, multifunctionality, and affordability in BB guns. Bundled deals and innovative features like adjustable sights and ergonomic designs are increasingly popular.

In 2023, consumers are leaning towards versatile, cost-effective options that offer a realistic experience, indicating a shift towards more practical and immersive airsoft activities.


The top 5 selling products from OnlyBBGuns in 2023 highlight a blend of realism, functionality, and value. They cater to a range of needs from beginner to advanced levels, emphasizing user experience and performance.

The future looks promising, with advancements in technology and design expected to continue. OnlyBBGuns will likely keep pace with these trends, offering innovative and user-friendly products.

These top sellers reflect the evolving landscape of airsoft and recreational shooting, showcasing how OnlyBBGuns is adapting to meet consumer demands for quality, realism, and value.