Ever wondered about the thrill of a shooting game that's fun, safe, and almost mess-free? Enter the world of gel blasters, the latest trend in recreational shooting sports. These innovative devices provide the excitement of a tactical game without the pain and mess associated with traditional paintball or airsoft guns. 

Gel blasters are perfect for enthusiasts of all ages and are taking the UK by storm. Read on to discover everything about gel blaster guns and why they might just be your next favourite hobby.

Top Questions Related to Gel Blasters in the UK

1. Are Gel Blaster Guns Legal in the UK?

Gel blaster guns are currently legal in the UK. However, they must not be carried publicly as they can be mistaken for real firearms. Using them responsibly in controlled environments like private properties with consent is important.

2. What Guns Can You Own Without a License in the UK?

In the UK, you can own airsoft guns, BB guns, and gel blaster guns without a firearms licence. These guns must adhere to specific power limits; for instance, airsoft guns should not exceed a muzzle energy of 1.3 joules.

3. Do You Need a License to Own an Airsoft or Gel Blaster Gun in the UK?

No, you do not need a license to own an airsoft or gel blaster gun in the UK. However, airsoft guns must not exceed 1.3 joules of muzzle energy, and sellers must ensure buyers are over 18 years old.

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4. What is Better, Airsoft or Gel Blaster?

Whether airsoft or gel blasters are better depends on personal preference. Airsoft guns offer more realism and are widely used in tactical games, whereas gel blasters are cleaner and generally safer, making them suitable for casual play.

5. Do You Need a License for a BB Gun in the UK?

No, you do not need a license for a BB gun in the UK as long as its muzzle energy does not exceed 1.3 joules for automatics or 2.5 joules for single-shot pistols.

6. Are Gel Guns Like Real Guns?

Gel guns are not like real guns. They are designed for recreational use and shoot non-lethal, water-soaked gel balls. They often resemble real firearms in appearance but are much less powerful and dangerous.

7. Is There a Sniper Gel Blaster?

Yes, there are sniper models of gel blasters available. These are designed to mimic the look and feel of real sniper rifles but shoot non-lethal gel balls. They are popular among enthusiasts who enjoy precision shooting in gel ball games.

8. Do Gel Blaster Balls Dissolve?

Yes, gel blaster balls dissolve in water. They are made of super-absorbent polymer, which swells with water and eventually breaks down, making them environmentally friendly and easy to clean up.

9. Is a Gel Gun a Firearm?

No, a gel gun is not classified as a firearm in the UK. Gel guns are recreational toys that shoot water-absorbent gel balls and are used in sports similar to airsoft and paintball.

10. How Long Do Gel Balls Last?

Once hydrated, gel balls can last several hours, depending on environmental conditions. However, they are best used within a few hours of soaking, as they can begin to shrink and lose consistency if left out too long.

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11. What's the Most Powerful Air Pistol Allowed in the UK?

The most powerful air pistol allowed in the UK without a firearms licence can have a maximum muzzle energy of 6-foot pounds (8.1 joules). Anything more powerful than this would require a licence.

12. Are Gel Blasters Safe?

Gel blasters are generally safe with proper safety gear, such as goggles. They are less powerful than traditional airsoft or BB guns and designed for recreational use.

13. How Painful Are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters are less painful compared to airsoft or paintball guns. The gel balls break upon impact, causing minimal pain, making them suitable for lighter, casual gameplay.

14. Are Gel Blasters Safe for Children?

Gel blasters can be safe for children under adult supervision. Children need to wear protective eyewear and play in a safe environment. Age recommendations and parental discretion are advised.

15. Do Gel Blaster Balls Burst?

Yes, gel blaster balls are designed to burst on impact. They are made of a water-absorbent polymer that shatters easily, minimizing the mess and reducing the risk of injury.

16. Are Gel Blaster Bullets Toxic to Dogs?

Gel blaster bullets are non-toxic but can be a choking hazard for pets. Protecting them from dogs and other animals is important to prevent accidental ingestion.

17. Does a 200 FPS Gel Blaster Hurt?

A 200 FPS (feet per second) gel blaster is relatively low in power and typically does not hurt much. The impact is usually mild, especially when compared to higher-powered airsoft guns.

18. Are Gel Blasters Messy Inside?

Gel blasters are not particularly messy indoors. The gel balls are easy to clean as they are mostly water and evaporate or can be vacuumed when dry.

19. How Powerful Are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters vary in power but are generally less powerful than traditional airsoft or BB guns. The typical gel blaster shoots at 150 to 250 FPS, which is suitable for recreational play.

20. Are Gel Blasters Illegal?

Currently, gel blasters are legal in the UK when used responsibly. They should not be displayed in public to avoid confusion with real firearms.

21. What is the Most Powerful Gel Blaster?

The most powerful gel blasters can shoot at around 300 FPS. Models designed for competitive play may feature higher velocities and better range.

22. Why Do People Buy Gel Blasters?

People buy gel blasters for recreational use, especially for playing shooting games similar to airsoft. They are popular due to their safety, low cost, and ease of maintenance.

23. Are Gel Blasters Kid-Friendly?

Gel blasters can be kid-friendly when used with appropriate safety measures. They offer a safer alternative to airsoft and are suitable for younger players with adult supervision.

24. Can Gel Blasters Shoot Orbeez?

Yes, some gel blasters can shoot Orbeez, which are similar in size to gel balls. However, using Orbeez might affect the performance and durability of the blaster.

25. How Many FPS Does a Gel Blaster Shoot?

A typical gel blaster shoots at around 150 to 250 FPS. This velocity is sufficient for recreational play and ensures the gel balls burst upon impact.

26. What is the Difference Between a Gel Blaster and a BB Gun?

The main difference is in the projectile and power. Gel blasters shoot soft, water-based gel balls, whereas BB guns fire metallic or plastic pellets and are generally more powerful and potentially harmful.

27. Do Gel Blasters Need CO2?

No, gel blasters do not require CO2. They typically operate with a rechargeable battery that powers an electric motor to shoot the gel balls.

28. Do Argos Sell Gel Blasters?

Argos does not currently sell gel blasters. To purchase them, look at specialized hobby stores or online platforms focusing on airsoft and similar recreational sports equipment.

29. What Age Can You Have a Gel Blaster?

The UK has no specific legal age requirement to own a gel blaster. Still, it is recommended that they be used by individuals aged 12 and above, with adult supervision advised for younger users to ensure safety.

30. What Do You Need to Buy a Gel Blaster?

You must typically be at least 18 to buy a gel blaster. You'll also need protective eyewear and may want to consider purchasing additional safety gear, such as gloves and vests. For extended play, consider also buying extra gel balls and batteries.

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31. How Messy Are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters are relatively low-mess compared to paintball guns. The gel balls are water-based and shatter upon impact, typically leaving little to no stain. Once dried, they can be easily cleaned with a mop or vacuum.

32. How Many Gels Can a Gel Blaster Hold?

The capacity of gel blasters varies widely depending on the model. On average, magazine-fed gel blasters can hold between 200 to 500 gel balls. Drum magazines and hoppers can hold much more, ranging up to 1000 gel balls.

33. What is the Fastest-Firing Gel Blaster?

The fastest-firing gel blasters can fire 20 rounds per second. These high-speed models are typically more advanced and geared towards experienced players.

34. What is the Best Gel Blaster for Beginners?

The best gel blasters for beginners would be models that are easy to handle, maintain, and operate. Look for blasters with lower FPS (around 150-200), simple loading and firing mechanisms, and robust construction.

35. How Long Do Gel Blaster Gels Last?

Once hydrated, gel blaster gels can last a few hours to a day, depending on environmental conditions. Use them for optimal performance and consistency within 4-6 hours of soaking.

36. Are Gel Blasters Like Paintball Guns?

Gel blasters are similar to paintball guns in that both are used for recreational shooting games. However, gel blasters are generally less painful and messy, shooting water-filled gel balls instead of paint-filled capsules.

Bottom Line

Now that you're armed with knowledge about gel blasters, why not dive into this exhilarating hobby? Whether you're a seasoned sharpshooter or a curious newcomer, gel blasters offer a unique blend of fun and challenge. 

Don't miss out on the action—check out the latest models and find the perfect gel blaster on OnlyBBGuns. Remember, the only thing better than reading about gel blasters is experiencing them firsthand. Gear up, aim well, and unleash the fun!