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  1. 6 Best Full Auto BB Guns (Best Machine Guns to Buy)

    Discover the top 6 BB gun machine guns that dominate the airsoft battleground. From historical significance to cutting-edge features, find out why these models are a must-have for enthusiasts and competitive players alike.

    1. Well G295 CO2 Sub Machine Gun - Black
    2. Classic Army Stoner Light Machine Gun AEG
    3. Well R2 Scorpion AEG Sub Machine Gun - SMG Black
    4. WE SMG8 Gas Blowback Sub Machine Airsoft Gun
    5. R4 MP7 Sub Machine Gun Full Metal
    6. A&K Rock ZB26 AEG Mongo Machine Support Rifle Full Metal (AK ZB26)

    Read on to understand more about each gun and which is the right fit for you! 

    Top 6 BB Gun Machine Guns

    1. Well G295 CO2 Sub Machine Gun - Black


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  2. Top 5 Gel Blasters for Ultimate Backyard Warfare: A Buyer’s Guide

    In the adrenaline-filled world of outdoor games, gel blasters emerge as a popular and exciting choice. These blasters, often used in team games, simulate a shooting experience with the safety of gel pellets. Selecting the right gel blaster can significantly enhance your gaming experience, offering varying performance levels, realism, and style. 

    This article will introduce you to our top 5 best-selling gel blasters at OnlyBBGuns, each with unique features and design, ensuring an immersive and thrilling experience in your outdoor adventures. From the fully auto, life-like GBEG M416 to the compact and versatile Mini Micro Gun, we'll provide a sneak peek into what each of these top performers has to offer.

    Let’s get started! 

    Top 5 Top-Selling Gel Blasters to Try

    Here are our top picks: 

    1. GBEG M416 - 1:1 Scale Fully Auto Rifle (OD Green)

    The GBEG M416 gel blaster is a remarkable choice for enthusiasts seeking a realistic and engaging outdoor gaming experience. This 1:1 scale, fully automatic rifle, finished in an eye-catching OD green, is designed to replicate the look and feel of a real M416 rifle, providing an immersive experience.

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  3. Top 5 BB Gun Assault Rifles to Buy: OnlyBBGuns' Ultimate Picks

    Discover the best BB gun assault rifles on OnlyBBGuns. Dive into our top 5 picks, featuring detailed performance, design, and user satisfaction reviews.

    In recent years, the allure of BB guns for both recreational and training purposes has surged remarkably. These replicas, not just toys but tools for skill development, have found a special place in enthusiasts' and professionals' hearts. 

    At OnlyBBGuns, we understand this growing fascination and have meticulously selected our top 5 BB gun assault rifles. Our criteria for this elite list include outstanding performance, innovative design, positive user feedback, and exceptional value for money. 

    From the authentic feel of the SA80, a staple in British military training, to the precision and versatility of other models, each rifle offers a unique experience. Join us as we delve into the world of BB gun excellence, showcasing the best of OnlyBBGuns has to offer.

    Top 5 BB Gun Assault Rifles to Buy

    1. SA80 BB Guns British Carbine

    Step into history with the SA80 BB gun, priced at £34.99, a meticulously crafted replica of the iconic rifle used by the British Armed Forces in the late 1980s. 

    This isn't just any BB gun; it's a functional airsoft gun that doubles as a collector's item, embodying a legacy of military heritage with every detail mirroring the original SA80.

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  4. Top Selling BB Guns: Precision & Power at Great Value

    At OnlyBBGuns, we're proud of our strong airsoft and BB gun market presence. Our journey has been about providing a comprehensive range of airsoft guns, accessories, and tactical gear, catering to a diverse clientele, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

    Our top 5 products have been carefully selected based on their popularity, innovative features, and the positive feedback we've received from our customers. These selections reflect our commitment to quality and the evolving preferences of our community.

    Let's wrap up this year with our top 5 picks. 

    Our 5 Top-Selling BB Guns

    Here's our roundup of the top-selling BB Guns of 2023: 

    Vigor 5.1 Ported Spring Pistol Full Metal Blue V17

    The Vigor 5.1 Ported Spring Pistol Full Metal Blue V17 stands out in the airsoft world for its precision engineering and design and great value at just £15.99. This spring-powered pistol, celebrated for its artistry in gunsmithing, offers an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts and hobbyists.

    Vigor 5.1 Ported Spring Pistol (Full Metal - Blue - V17)

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1.     What is a BB gun used for?  BB guns are mostly used for practice shooting and training. The stronger ones (i.e. Air Rifles) can also control pests or hunt small animals.

2.     Do you need a Licence in the UK for a BB gun? No, you don't need a licence for a BB gun in the UK, but there are rules. The BB Gun needs to be in two colours; one has to be a primary. All our guns are on the website as per default.

3.     Is a BB gun a good weapon?   BB guns, despite sometimes being seen as toys, can be dangerous. They fire pellets at high speeds and can cause serious harm, or even be deadly in some situations.

4.     Can you shoot BB guns in public in the UK without a Firearm license? BB guns in the UK navigate a legal grey area. While certain models, notably low-power 'soft air' types, typically evade classification as section 1 firearms, more potent versions may require a valid firearms certificate to avoid legal repercussions.

5.     Can you shoot a BB gun in your garden? You can use a BB gun in your garden under UK law, but you have to ensure the pellets don't go into your neighbour's yard, plot or land. If they do and you don't have permission, it's against the law.

6.     Which UK law am I breaking if the pellets go into my neighbour's law without permission?  If your BB gun pellets go into your neighbour's yard without permission, you're breaking UK laws. Specifically, the 1968 Firearms Act and possibly the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act, because you may be causing your neighbours trouble or worry.