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Gas Pistols

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  1. SRC PPK Non Blowback Gas Pistol (GGH-0402B)
    SKU: 110890
  2. LS M9 Vertec Gas Blowback Pistol (GGB-0302)
    SKU: 111141
  3. Army Nighstorm 1911 MEU (R32)
    SKU: 110709
  4. Double Bell Hi-Capa Gold 5.1 795
    SKU: 111444
  5. WE 17 Series Gen 5 GBBP
    SKU: 110735
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Is a Gas BB Gun Right for You?


There are many different types of gas BB guns available, including guns that fire pellets with a single shot action, semi automatic and fully automatic.


The great thing about gas BB guns is that they fall into the middle range budget. This means that they are perfect for enthusiasts who don't have enough money for a high end electric powered gun.


Another cool thing about the gas BB gun is that they look extremely authentic, and can really add to the realism of any game you may be taking part in.



Gas Guns - Superior to spring action

Not only are gas powered BB guns easier to use than than their spring powered counterparts, but the quality of materials used is usually also superior.


Gas Guns - Shoot further

Because gas BB guns can generate more power than their spring and electric cousins, it means you are able to shoot the BB pellet further. This can give you a real advantage in a gaming situation, as you don't need to get as close to take your enemies out.


Gas Guns - More complex

A gas BB gun is more mechanically complex than spring and electric powered guns. This means there is more chance that something could wrong in the middle of a game, leaving you without a weapon. In fact, some BB enthusiasts actually prefer spring powered guns due to their simplicity.

Gas Guns - Cold weather


Also, it is worth keeping in mind that a gas BB gun may not handle cold weather situations very well and is prone to breaking down in such conditions. This is definitely something to think about if you live in a country where the temperature drops to below freezing on a regular basis.


At the end of the day, a gas BB gun may be the right or wrong choice for you, it really just depends on your situation and what you plan to use it for. It is best to put some real thought into this before spending any money.