In the adrenaline-filled world of outdoor games, gel blasters emerge as a popular and exciting choice. These blasters, often used in team games, simulate a shooting experience with the safety of gel pellets. Selecting the right gel blaster can significantly enhance your gaming experience, offering varying performance levels, realism, and style. 

This article will introduce you to our top 5 best-selling gel blasters at OnlyBBGuns, each with unique features and design, ensuring an immersive and thrilling experience in your outdoor adventures. From the fully auto, life-like GBEG M416 to the compact and versatile Mini Micro Gun, we'll provide a sneak peek into what each of these top performers has to offer.

Let’s get started! 

Top 5 Top-Selling Gel Blasters to Try

Here are our top picks: 

1. GBEG M416 - 1:1 Scale Fully Auto Rifle (OD Green)

The GBEG M416 gel blaster is a remarkable choice for enthusiasts seeking a realistic and engaging outdoor gaming experience. This 1:1 scale, fully automatic rifle, finished in an eye-catching OD green, is designed to replicate the look and feel of a real M416 rifle, providing an immersive experience.

Gel Blaster GBEG M416 1:1 Scale Fully Auto Rifle (OD/Green - Includes Battery and Charger, Scope, Silencer, Drum Mag.)


Key Features

  • Realistic Design: The 1:1 scale closely mimics the dimensions and aesthetics of an actual M416 rifle.
  • Fully Automatic: Enhances the gameplay with its rapid-fire capability.

Shooting Range and Accuracy

  • The GBEG M416 is known for its impressive shooting range, suitable for medium- to long-range engagements in gel-blasting games.
  • It offers commendable accuracy, enhancing the player's experience in targeting and shooting.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • This model has received positive feedback for its build quality and performance.
  • Customers appreciate the balance between its realistic feel and effective gaming performance.

Additional Inclusions

  • The blaster comes equipped with a battery and charger, ensuring uninterrupted play.
  • Enhancements like a scope and silencer add to its tactical appearance and functionality.
  • The inclusion of a drum mag allows for extended play without frequent reloads.

2. Alien Pulse with Silencer - 3/4 Scale (Colors May Vary)

The Alien Pulse Gel Blaster, a 3/4 scale model, offers a unique and imaginative design, appealing to those who appreciate a more unconventional style in their gameplay. Its design stands out from the typical gel blaster models, providing a distinctive look that mimics sci-fi weaponry, making it a favorite among players who enjoy a more unbelievable gaming experience.

Gel Blaster - Alien Pulse with Silencer - 3:4 Scale - Colours May Vary - Includes Battery and Charger


Unique Design and Build

  • Despite its unconventional appearance, the Alien Pulse blaster's build is robust and designed for comfortable handling.
  • Its 3/4 scale makes it more manageable, especially for quick movements during gameplay.

Power Source and Charging Options

  • This blaster is powered by a rechargeable battery, ensuring long-lasting play.
  • The package includes a charger, making it convenient to keep the blaster powered up for extended gaming sessions.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

  • Users have expressed appreciation for its unique design and reliable performance.
  • The blaster has garnered positive reviews for both its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Color Variation

  • The Alien Pulse blaster comes in various colors, though the exact color may vary with each purchase. This adds an element of surprise and individuality to each blaster.

3. Mini Micro Gun - 3/4 Scale (Colors May Vary)

The Mini Micro Gun Gel Blaster, a 3/4 scale model, is an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a compact and easily portable blaster. This blaster is designed to offer the thrill of gel blasting in a more manageable size, making it perfect for dynamic and fast-paced gameplay.

Gel and Foam Blaster - Mini Micro Gun - 3:4 Scale - Colours May Vary - Includes Battery and Charger


Features of the Mini Micro Gun

  • Despite its smaller size, the Mini Micro Gun does not compromise on performance.
  • It balances power and usability well and is suitable for various playing styles.

Compact and Portable Design

  • Its 3/4 scale size makes it significantly more portable than full-sized models.
  • The design is particularly favored by players who prefer agility and ease of handling during play.

Battery and Charger Inclusions

  • The blaster has a rechargeable battery, which provides a convenient and sustainable power source.
  • The package includes a charger, making it easy to keep the blaster ready for action.

Customer Experiences and Feedback

  • Users often commend the Mini Micro Gun's ease of use and portability.
  • Positive feedback regarding its suitability for younger players or those new to gel blasting is frequently given.

Color Range

  • The Mini Micro Gun is available in various colors, although the specific color may vary with each purchase, adding an element of uniqueness to each piece.

4. M4 - 3/4 Scale (Colors May Vary)

The M4 Gel Blaster, in a convenient 3/4 scale size, is a popular choice for enthusiasts who value the realistic look and feel of their gaming equipment. This model is designed to replicate the appearance of the classic M4 rifle, making it an appealing option for those who appreciate authenticity in their play.

Gel Blaster - M4 - 3:4 Scale - Colours May Vary - Includes Battery and Charger


Realistic Appearance and Feel

  • The M4 gel blaster's design closely mirrors the real M4 rifle, offering an authentic experience.
  • The attention to detail in its construction enhances the overall realism of the blaster.

Battery and Charger Details

  • It includes a rechargeable battery, providing a reliable, long-lasting power source for extended gameplay.
  • A charger is also part of the package, ensuring convenient and continuous play.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

  • The M4 gel blaster has received positive reviews for its realistic design and reliable performance.
  • Customers often highlight its balance of realism and functionality.

Color Variety

  • This blaster is available in various colors, although the specific color received may vary, adding a unique aspect to each unit.

5. AK with Silencer - 3/4 Scale (Colors May Vary)

The AK Gel Blaster with Silencer, on a 3/4 scale, is a standout choice for players looking for an iconic and powerful gel blaster. This model is inspired by the legendary AK rifle, known for its robustness and reliability in various combat scenarios.

Gel Blaster - AK with Silencer - 3:4 Scale - Colours May Vary - Includes Battery and Charger


Iconic Design and Features

  • The AK gel blaster replicates the classic design and aesthetic of the AK rifle, making it a favorite for its iconic look.
  • Including a silencer adds to its tactical appeal and enhances the overall experience.

Battery and Charger Specifics

  • Its rechargeable battery ensures a steady power supply for extended gameplay.
  • The package includes a charger, facilitating easy and efficient charging.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

  • This model has garnered positive reviews for its authentic design and effective performance.
  • Customers often praise its durability and the realistic shooting experience it offers.

Color Range

  • The AK blaster is available in various colors, though the specific color may vary, providing a unique touch to each unit.

Comparison and Buying Guide

When comparing the five gel blasters - GBEG M416, Alien Pulse, Mini Micro Gun, M4, and AK with Silencer - several aspects are key:

  • Size and Scale: GBEG M416 is full-scale, offering a more realistic experience, while others are 3/4 scale, balancing realism and manageability.
  • Design: Each model has a unique design, with the GBEG M416 and M4 offering more traditional, realistic styles, while the Alien Pulse and Mini Micro Gun offer more creative and compact designs.
  • Performance: The GBEG M416 and AK with Silencer stand out for their robust performance and added features like silencers.

In choosing a gel blaster, consider

  • Usage Purpose: If you're looking for realism, the M416 or M4 might be suitable, while for casual play, the Mini Micro Gun or Alien Pulse could be better.
  • Handling and Comfort: Smaller, 3/4 scale models like the Mini Micro Gun are easier to handle, especially for younger players.

Safety and Responsible Use

  • Always use protective gear, like goggles.
  • Use the blasters in appropriate settings, respecting others' safety and comfort.

Maintenance and Care Tips

  • Regularly clean and check for any damage.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and follow battery charging instructions to prolong the blaster’s life.

Each blaster has unique advantages, so the choice largely depends on individual preferences and intended use. Remember, enjoying the experience while ensuring safety and responsible use is key.


Whether you choose the realistic GBEG M416, the unique Alien Pulse, the compact Mini Micro Gun, the classic M4, or the iconic AK with Silencer, each gel blaster offers a distinct experience. Your decision should align with your design, size, and functionality preferences, ensuring a thrilling and safe gel-blasting adventure. Responsible use and proper maintenance are key to enjoying these exciting outdoor activities to the fullest.