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Terms & Condition

By placing an order with www.onlybbguns.co.uk you accept the following terms and conditions.


Minimum age to purchase an Airsoft Gun/BB Gun is 18 years. An adult must supervise persons under the age of 18 years. No gun should be carried in a public place unless in transit when it should be unloaded and placed in a bag. Note guns must not be concealed on one’s person, or pointed or fired at another human or animal. Safety glasses and other protective clothing should always be worn when operating or viewing the firing of an Airsoft Gun/BB Gun. Is a criminal offence to alter the appearance or paint in a colour of an imitation firearm to make it into a realistic firearm.

By placing an order on onlybbguns via the website/phone order/email order, you’re confirming that you are above the age of 18 and are allowed to purchase the items on our site.




We aim to dispatch your order the next working day to receive it, please allow up to 3 working days from the day of dispatch before contacting us. You can track your delivery via the confirmation email that will be sent to you within 24 hours from your order. Any shortfalls or defects should be notified to us as soon as possible via our contact us page on this website. When calculating the number of days for delivery please do not include either Saturday, Sunday or any other public holidays.




We do offer same day dispatch but this is only available for the Express Delivery Option when you checkout.


Dead on Arrival and Missing parts should be informed to onlybbguns within 4 working days from date of arrival. If it’s beyond the 4 working days you will not be entitled to any missed items being sent and all warranty will be voided including refunds, credit note and replacements.





You can only return a product for these reasons: - Your product is faulty and is within 28 days of delivery for a replacement. - Your product is unopened and within 7 days of delivery for a full refund (excluding delivery charges occurred and reasonable admin fee). Please ensure that you retain the invoice as proof of purchase. We ONLY accept products back that have been sent with a returns form. If you do not send your item back with a return form we will not be able to track your item and it will not be held responsible for any lost items. Failing to do so may lead to delays and no returns from the items sent back. All returns must be with its original packing. We do reserve the right and get ownership back of the goods after 14 days enabling us to either destroy the goods or re-sell. 

If the items are classed as 'unwanted' upon on return (classification is at our discretion) a fixed fee of 10% will be deducted and return postage will be upon the customer to send it back to us.



1.   Print out the below form by clicking on it (PDF Format):

http://www. onlybbguns.co.uk/returns-form.pdf

2.   Send the item back to address mentioned below in the returns form along with the returns form.

3.   For return postage refund, please attach the postage receipt along with the returns form.

After receipt of the return item, it can take up to48 hours to get back to you.




All products are cheerfully inspected by our experts; if your item is found to have a manufacturers fault then you will be sent a replacement. If the item is out of stock then you will be issued an alternative. If the gun has been modified (i.e. sprayed) or anything else similar which is deemed as a modification then in its original state voids all warranty. 




If your returned item is NOT found to be faulty, or is not in 'as new' condition, and once we have told you we will not refund, replace or give you a credit note - if you have not made arrangements to collect the item from us, using the process provided, the item will become our property within 14 days.




If a gun is jammed because of poor quality BB pellets or it is our opinion that BBs have been reused i.e. fired at least once before, your warranty will be void and no credit note, refund or replacement shall be issued.

If you open the gun/take it apart or any home diy solutions, your warranty will be void and no credit note, refund or replacement will be issued. 




You may return any UNUSED and UNOPENED item within 7 days of receiving it, for a full refund. We will refund you on the process you used to pay (Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Google checkout, etc.) once we have received and processed the item (please allow up to 14 working day). We can only refund delivery costs if the return is a result of our error; NO postal costs will be refunded on any goods returned under the 7 day rule. If your product has a fault you must return the item back to us within 28 days of delivery. It may take up to 14 days for our returns team to inspect your item. If found to be faulty a replacement will be sent or credit note issued, NO refund can be issued on any goods over 7 days from the item being delivered. We can only refund postage of the item if agreed by us that it is faulty and when the original receipt is sent with the return. We cannot give a refund for postage with a photocopy or scan i.e. not the original receipt. We can also only refund the price of a standard Royal Mail parcel which should not be greater than £10.00


Complaints Policy and Procedure

Our aim:

The Only BB Guns (OBBG) is committed to providing a quality service for its members and working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our stakeholders. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service is by listening and responding to the views of our customers and stakeholders, and in particular by responding positively to complaints, and by putting mistakes right.

Therefore we aim to ensure that:

·         making a complaint is as easy as possible;

·         we treat a complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for an immediate response;

·         we deal with it promptly, politely and, when appropriate, confidentially;

·         we respond in the right way - for example, with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong, or information on any action taken etc;

·         We learn from complaints, use them to improve our service, and review our complaints policy and procedures.

We recognise that many concerns will be raised informally, and dealt with quickly. Our aims are to:

·         resolve informal concerns quickly;

·         keep matters low-key;

An informal approach is appropriate when it can be achieved. But if concerns cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally, then the formal complaints procedure should be followed.


Definition:   OBBG defines a complaint as 'any expression of dissatisfaction  that relates to OBBG and that requires a formal response'.

Purpose: The formal complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and wherever possible resolved to the complainant's satisfaction.

OBBG's responsibility will be to:

·         acknowledge the formal complaint in writing;

·         respond within a stated period of time;

·         deal reasonably and sensitively with the complaint;

·         take action where appropriate.

A complainant's responsibility is to:

·         bring their complaint, in writing, to OBBG's attention normally within 8 weeks of the issue arising;

·         raise concerns promptly and directly with a member of staff in OBBG;

·         explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date;

·         allow OBBG a reasonable time to deal with the matter;

·         recognise that some circumstances may be beyond OBBG's control.

Responsibility for Action: All Staff of OBBG.

Confidentiality: Except in exceptional circumstances, every attempt will be made to ensure that both the complainant and OBBG maintain confidentiality. However the circumstances giving rise to the complaint may be such that it may not be possible to maintain confidentiality (with each complaint judged on its own merit). Should this be the case, the situation will be explained to the complainant.

Monitoring and Reporting: Management of OBBG will receive annually an anonymized report of complaints made and their resolution and complaints will be dealt with in accordance with OBBG's Privavcy Policy. 

Formal Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

In the first instance, if you are unable to resolve the issue informally, you should write to the member of staff who dealt with you, or their manager, so that he or she has a chance to put things right.. In your letter you should set out the details of your complaint, the consequences for you as a result, and the remedy you are seeking.

You can expect your complaint to be acknowledged within 4 working days of receipt. You should get a response and an explanation within 15 working days.

Our contact details can be found on OBBG Website.

Stage 2

If you are not satisfied with the initial response to the complaint then you can write to OBBG's Operations Manager and ask for your complaint and the response to be reviewed. You can expect the Operations Manager to acknowledge your request within 4 working days of receipt and a response within 15 workings days.

OBBG's aim is to resolve all matters as quickly as possible. However, inevitably some issues will be more complex and therefore may require longer to be fully investigated. Consequently timescales given for handling and responding to complaints are indicative. If a matter requires more detailed investigation, you will receive an interim response describing what is being done to deal with the matter, and when a full reply can be expected and from whom.

Final Stage

If you are not satisfied with the subsequent reply from OBBG's Operations Manager, then you have the option of writing to MD, stating the reason why you are dissatisfied with the outcome. Our contact details can be found on the OBBG Website. You must do this within 10 days of receiving the written response from OBBG’s Operations manager.

The MD (or their nominee) will respond normally within 10 working days to inform you of the action which will be taken to investigate your complaint, and when you can expect to hear the outcome of the investigation.






While the item is not in our possession, you will be responsible for it, this is called being under a DUTY TO TAKE REASONABLE CARE of the item while in your possession. This includes the way that you pack any item to be returned and the organisation you choose to return the product to us. This includes any items that may not be received buy us i.e. we are only responsible for goods received by us via the provided method.




We do test every single return, if a returned item is found not to be faulty we will return the item to you and you will be liable for the postage charges. We would advise you to check the item and the instructions thoroughly before returning a faulty item as we will not refund any items found to be in good working order. We can also not refund or replace any Airsoft Bun that have been misused, or if low quality BB pellets have been used, or if BB pellets have been re-used. We can also not refund or replace any batteries or chargers that may have been overcharged, please see our frequently asked questions section on the website for more info on charging times and battery types.




Refurb. Products that do not cover any warranty are exempt from any warranty provided by the Manufacturer and Retailer. We endeavor to test all products but do not guarantee. 




Although the information and recommendations on this internet website are presented in good faith and believed to be correct, we make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information. Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. In no event will we be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon information from this site or the products to which the information refers. We do not warrant the accuracy of this website and have no liability for any errors or omissions in the materials. Do note all Bundle Deals excluding any free gift offer stated on the site and all gifts are subject and all freebies/gifts are subject to availability. Which can be changed without prior notice.


1.     What is a BB gun used for?  BB guns are mostly used for practice shooting and training. The stronger ones (i.e. Air Rifles) can also control pests or hunt small animals.

2.     Do you need a Licence in the UK for a BB gun? No, you don't need a licence for a BB gun in the UK, but there are rules. The BB Gun needs to be in two colours; one has to be a primary. All our guns are on the website as per default.

3.     Is a BB gun a good weapon?   BB guns, despite sometimes being seen as toys, can be dangerous. They fire pellets at high speeds and can cause serious harm, or even be deadly in some situations.

4.     Can you shoot BB guns in public in the UK without a Firearm license? BB guns in the UK navigate a legal grey area. While certain models, notably low-power 'soft air' types, typically evade classification as section 1 firearms, more potent versions may require a valid firearms certificate to avoid legal repercussions.

5.     Can you shoot a BB gun in your garden? You can use a BB gun in your garden under UK law, but you have to ensure the pellets don't go into your neighbour's yard, plot or land. If they do and you don't have permission, it's against the law.

6.     Which UK law am I breaking if the pellets go into my neighbour's law without permission?  If your BB gun pellets go into your neighbour's yard without permission, you're breaking UK laws. Specifically, the 1968 Firearms Act and possibly the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act, because you may be causing your neighbours trouble or worry.